Things Take Time

Jovi Harrison
3 min readAug 7, 2021


We all know that feeling of wanting something to gain traction as quickly as possible, be it our career path, our business idea, or simply waiting for our package to arrive, we want things to be done as quickly as possible, and sure, it may be fun to think how far you can go if things happened in an instant and if things didn’t need time to bloom. But then again, where would the fun be in that? And sure, sometimes not all of us have the luxury of time and waiting, but if we do, then why not?

There’s a reason why city dwellers almost always eventually choose to live in the outskirts rather than staying in the middle of the city; they want to enjoy their time as things slow down in their older age. Because let’s be honest here, the whole fast-paced thing doesn’t really suit everyone, and like it or not, we all have progressed at different paces. That’s why public education is such a difficult thing to rearrange. And sure, in an ideal world, things would happen for us instantly because we deserve it, but again, I think there may be some merit in sticking through the process, enjoying time as it ticks past us, and not anxiously waiting for whatever it is that we sow to grow.

Things take time

I’m not talking about a vacation, though that would be nice, I’m talking more about taking a few minutes off each day to enjoy a nice cup of tea just staring blankly into space, or taking a few minutes to enjoy a nice little walk with your phone on do not disturb mode, or turning the humidifier on and listening to some music for a few minutes with your eyes closed. It doesn’t have to take so much time, but it does take some time.

Why is it so important?

Well, frankly speaking, we often view time as a commodity, and with hustle culture being at its peak, companies are starting to use that against us and make us work way harder than normal just so that we can feel like we’re hustling too. But think about where this whole thing is going, and think long and hard about how sustainable this is. Can you still do this in your 30s? Do you even want to? Sometimes when you do too much too soon, no matter how much you like doing it, you’ll find that you’ll burn out and will stop enjoying doing it. That happened to me with music, so I’m doing my best to not do that with writing. And maybe you’re not like me, maybe you’re the ideal hustler who does something 20 hours a day and does nothing but work and wants things to happen as quickly as possible, you need to remember that there’s only so many things in life that you can control, and time isn’t one of them.

Sure, you can do your best to manage the time that you have the way you want to, but at the end of the day, time will pass when it passes, there’s nothing you can do to make it go faster or slower (despite what constantly looking at the clock may make you think).

Why not take some time?

Despite how busy and hectic life can get sometimes, it’s important for us to remember that we deserve some love too! This doesn’t mean that we should take a vacation every week (though that wouldn’t be so bad either), but it can be something as simple as doing something we enjoy that breaks the pace of the undoubtedly busy life that we’re all living these days, especially with everything being done from home which makes it harder to tell if we’re in work mode or in relaxed mode. Break up the monotony, take some time for ourselves because no matter how much we don’t like talking about our mortality, we need to accept that there’s only so much time that we have left, and if we don’t enjoy the life we’re living because everything’s moving way too quickly, then it’s up to us to break up the speed and slow things down for ourselves a little bit.

Enjoy your time, work isn’t gonna go anywhere. And the best part of it? You’ll enjoy doing what you do for years to come and your work will absolutely reflect that.



Jovi Harrison

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