How To Act Under Pressure

Jovi Harrison
4 min readAug 17, 2021


Let’s get this out of the way real quick, there’s nothing quite as annoying as working with someone whose first response to a hairball problem or to pressure is to complain and go on an hour-long rant about how stupid the task is. it’s like working with a toddler who feels entitled and only wants results without having to pay their dues, grow, and improve themselves. I’ve been in a position where I’ve had to work with someone like that and let me tell you, that attitude will never get you anywhere, not because you lack the skills to do something, but simply because it boils down to the habit that you’ve allowed to grow without consequences; laziness.

Pressure isn’t for everyone, I can say that much, but everyone needs to know how to handle pressure because nothing ever comes out of a comfortable life without any pressure. Whether it’s having to do something you’ve never done before or going the extra mile to get something to be as good as it can be, here are a few tips that you can do to help you handle pressure better in life and in the workplace.

Don’t Complain

When you’re complaining about your job, it not only shows that you’re not passionate about what you do, which is one of the reasons why you’re not seeing much growth in your business because if you’re not passionate about something, others can see through your lies. Your audience isn’t stupid and neither are your clients. If you don’t want to do something, say no, and move on instead of complaining. Complaining is toxic behavior that brings everyone around you down along with you. Stop complaining and start doing the task at hand because honestly, that’s all that matters.

Find a solution

There’s a solution for everything. This isn’t only a great mindset to have, but it’s a crucial one if you want to survive in this world of overachievers. Think of every possible angle, throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Don’t look at a problem and proclaim that it’s impossible to solve when you’ve only looked at it for a few seconds. Take your time to think long and hard about a problem to see if there’s either a solution or a workaround. This is a trait that all successful people have, and not something that people who like to complain have.

Take a deep breath

Pressure, for the most part, is all in the minds . We feel that we’re pressured when we’re presented with a problem simply because of how we organize things in our mind. Be it our time management skills or our professional skills or lack thereof, sometimes all we need to do is take a deep breath and organize our thoughts. Pressure will only get to you if you let it, and if you’re the type to always retaliate to being placed under pressure, then you can simply deny every task that you deem to be difficult, but remember that nothing great ever comes out of lying down on your bed dreaming about doing great things.

Come up with a plan

As human beings, we’ve shown time and again that we’re more than capable of coming up with ingenious solutions to the hardest problems. There’s nothing we can’t solve, and if we don’t have the knowledge necessary to do it now, we’ll surely have it in a few years because of our desire to keep moving forward no matter how hard it gets. Try and come up with a plan on how to solve the problem at hand rather than pushing it aside and calling it impossible. Do you think the first iPhone would’ve existed if Apple’s engineers just complained and pushed it aside because it was “too hard” or “impossible”? Pressure breeds progress.

Some people thrive under pressure, and some don’t like having any pressure put on them at the slightest and that’s fine. Everyone’s different in their own unique way, but knowing how to act under pressure and knowing what you can do to solve the problem at hand will prove to be one of the best assets that you can have, both in the professional world and in your personal life. Try not to complain and actually do something about it, after all, that’s how progress is made, isn’t it?



Jovi Harrison

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